How Departments are selected to receive CWSEI funding:

The budget of about $10M over 6-7 years is supporting five major programs at a level of $1 M - 1.75 M per program, and 2 smaller programs. A "program" can consist of an individual department or a coalition of departments.

Carl Wieman met with each science department in September 2006 to discuss the CWSEI. Following those meetings and incorporating the input they provided, there was a request for brief proposals from the science departments. On the basis of those proposals, two programs were selected for full support (Earth & Ocean Sciences and Life Sciences) and several departments were selected to receive seed funding.

A second request for proposals was issued in July 2007. The Physics & Astronomy and Computer Science Departments were selected to receive full support, and other departments were selected to receive seed funding. The Mathematics department received full support in 2010.

Funded proposals: