Chemistry – Education Research

Comparison of Oral and Written Laboratory Reports

Compared to traditional written reports, oral assessment may provide a more accurate evaluation of conceptual understanding as well as provide enhanced opportunities for learning since feedback can be given in real time. We are studying the effect of mode of assessment on student learning and seeking to gain insight into how a student’s preparation and experience of assessment affects short- and long-term learning.

Two-Stage Review

Jane Maxwell, Lisa McDonnell (Biology), and Carl Wieman wrote the article PDFAn Improved Design for In-Class Review, Journal of College Science Teaching, Vol. 44(5), pp. 48-52 (2015).

Analytical Chemistry Concept Inventory

Development of a diagnostic test to evaluate students’ understanding of key concepts in 2nd year analytical chemistry is in progress. Talk (CSC 97th Canadian Chemistry Conference, June 2014): Development of a Concept Inventory for Measuring Learning Gains in Analytical Chemistry — Jane Maxwell

Chemistry Concept Diagnostic Tests

Propose administration and validation of an existing chemistry concept test to first year chemistry students.

Organic Chemistry (CHEM 233) Learning Objectives Alignment Study

Investigating students’ perceptions of the alignment between learning objectives and assessment, probing their ability to judge cognitive complexity of learning objectives, assessment items, and study tactics.

1st Year Practical Lab Skills

Compare students’ achievement of practical lab skills as determined by written vs. hands-on assessment

CHEM 123 Lab Learning Goals

Developed multiple assessments of students’ achievement of lab learning goals: Poster (CWSEI EOY 2009): Instruments for assessing practical skill development in a first-year chemistry laboratory course

Attitudinal Survey

C-LASS CHEM given in multiple courses, statistical comparisons between UBC and CU-Boulder.
Poster (April 2009): General chemistry students' belief about chemistry and learning chemistry: An international comparison — Jennifer Duis, Carl Wieman, Laurel Schafer
2014-2015: CLASS-Chem survey data from 2008-2010 re-analyzed to examine trends between attitudes, attitude shifts, and choice of major in science (with a focus on Chemistry and Biochemistry majors). We are also in the process of verifying the factor structure of CLASS-Chem survey responses among UBC students.

Presentations at national/international meetings

237th, 240th, & 249th American Chemical Society National Meeting, 21st & 22nd Biennial Conference on Chemical Education, 92nd, 93rd, 97th, & 98th Canadian Chemistry Conference, Improving University Teaching 34th International Meeting, 20th International Conference on Learning, Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (2015).