Computer Science

CWSEI Dept. Director: Ian Mitchell (starting Jan 2013), Paul Carter (emeritus)
      Jessica Dawson – involved in CPSC 100, 103, 110, 210, 320, 344, 444, 430
      Hassan Khosravi – APSC 160, CPSC 259, 304
      Allison Elliott Tew (emeritus – involved in CPSC 110, 210, 211, 260, 310, and 317)
      Ryan Golbeck (emeritus - involved in CPSC 110 and 210)
      Ben Yu (emeritus - involved in CPSC , 111, 121, 211, 213, 221, 304, 310, 322, 404, and APSC 160)
      Raymond Lister (emeritus -involved in CPSC 111, CPSC 260, and APSC 160)
      Beth Simon (emeritus -involved in the early work of CPSC 101, 111, 121, 211, 213, and 221)
  Part-time Faculty STLFs (roughly 20% appointments for two years, now completed):
      Don Acton – involved in CPSC 213, 313, 317
      Ed Knorr – involved in CPSC 259, 304, 404
      Steve Wolfman– involved in developing a concept inventory for the “foundations of computing” stream (CPSC 121, 221, 320)
Faculty: D. Acton, M. Allen, P. Belleville, G. Carenini, P. Carter, C. Conati, A. Condon, M. Dulat, K. Eiselt, M. Feeley, M. Friedlander, W. Heidrich, H. Hoos, N. Hutchinson, G. Kiczales, E. Knorr, K. Leyton-Brown, J. Luk, K. Maclean, J. McGrenere, I. Mitchell, G. Murphy, R. Ng, R. Pottinger, D. Poole, G. Tsiknis, K. Voll, S. Wolfman  
Post-docs: Frank Hutter, Gabriel Murray


Computer Science received seed funding from CWSEI in 2007 and began the efforts listed below in the Fall. The department moved to full funding starting in mid-2008.

Computer Science plans to use CWSEI's scientific approach to improve student learning throughout our curriculum as an iterative process including:

  • articulating clear learning goals for our individual courses and our program as a whole,
  • developing both formative assessments to guide teaching and learning techniques and summative assessments (i.e., exams) that evaluate those learning goals,
  • revising our teaching techniques in response to assessments,
  • and establishing administrative structures to sustain these efforts.

PDF Poster (CWSEI EOY 2012): Computer Science SEI: An Overview