Computer Science

learning goals

Learning goals for core courses (CPSC 110, 111, 121, 210, 211, 213, 221, 310, 313, 320): A comprehensive set of learning goals (both course-level and topic-level) has been developed for most 1st and 2nd year core courses. Most of these courses use LGs regularly to some extent in class (e.g., many 111 instructors now show the LGs associated with each unit as they lecture on the unit). CPSC 313 also has rough draft LGs.  Draft course-level learning goals for the new CPSC 110 and CPSC 210 have been completed.

Here are some good examples of actual learning goals:

Computer Science Learning Goals
Learning goals from 5 UBC Computer Science courses (prepared by Beth Simon and numerous UBC CS faculty).

Learning Goals Study: Beth Simon in collaboration with Jared Taylor, STLF in Life Sciences, conducted a study of student and faculty perceptions of the usefulness of learning goals. Read the paper (Published in the Journal of College Science Teaching, Nov/Dec 2009): What is the Value of Course-Specific Learning Goals?

Developing Learning Goals; The UBC Computer Science Department Experience:

Developing Learning Goals 101
How to Develop Learning Goals for an Established Course: The Computer Science Model. A document that Beth Simon put together that describes the successful process that the UBC Computer Science Department went through to establish learning goals in multiple courses.

Tracking Changing Learning Goals - Steve Wolfman's experience (1-page version)
Tracking Changing Learning Goals - (3-page version)
Account written by Steve Wolfman on the trajectory they went through in developing learning goals for CPSC 101.

A Glimpse into the Process of Creating Learning Goals
Script of a role-play discussion between Steve Wolfman and STLF Beth Simon. It attempts to re-enact and give the feel for the process used in the UBC Computer Science Department to create learning goals for their courses. They often started by looking at an exam question previously used in the class – and used this to stimulate discussion and refinement of the actual goals faculty had for students taking the course. The discussion is modeled from an exam question used in CPSC 101 (a course for non-majors) in Summer 2006.