The Life Sciences program and the departments of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences, Computer Science, Physics & Astronomy, Statistics, Chemistry, and Mathematics are currently being supported for carrying out a wide range of activities to improve undergraduate science education. Click on the links above for details on their programs.


May 2016 Update of Departmental Activities

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Science Teaching & Learning Fellows

The majority of the CWSEI funds are used to support Science Teaching & Learning Fellows. A Science Teaching & Learning Fellow (STLF) has a combined expertise in the specific departmental discipline as well as knowledge of relevant teaching methods and research on learning. STLFs are key players in course transformation and institutional change. They collaborate with individual faculty or small groups to implement course transformation, helping faculty increase their knowledge of teaching and learning research and supporting the introduction of evidence-based educational practices and measurements of learning. A typical STLF is a recent PhD in the relevant science discipline who is keen to improve learning and interested in discipline-based education research. Since most STLFs have limited prior experience with science education research, the SEI Central runs an STLF development series.

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