Physics and Astronomy


2010—2012, we published a newsletter focusing on various teaching activities taking place in conjunction with the CWSEI STLFs. Instructors involved in a transformation, or TAs involved with or students taking such transformed courses express their views about what works and what doesn’t, and how things can be further improved. These 1-to-2 pages newsletters were distributed to the entire faculty in order to keep them informed about these various efforts and give them a contact person to talk to if they become interested in any particular aspect.

2012 Newsletters

Summer 2012 - Two-stage exams (individual followed by group exam)

March 2012 - Active learning in lecture courses

2011 Newsletters

December 2011 - Pre-Reading Assignments – Why they may be the most important homework for your students

August/September 2011 - New and on-going CWSEI activities in the department

July 2011 - Effectiveness of teaching problem solving strategies

May-June 2011 - Changes in PHYS153: Elements of Physics

April 2011 - Handling student evaluations

March 2011 - Invention as Preparation for Learning study

February 2011 - Math diagnostics development

January 2011 - Changes in PHYS107: Enriched Physics I

2010 Newsletters

December 2010 - Group photo

November 2010 - Changes in ASTR 311: Exploring the Universe II: Stars and Galaxies

October 2010 - TA training and mentorship program

September 2010 - Summary of new and on-going CWSEI activities

August 2010 - Changes in PHYS101: Energy and Waves

July 2010 - Changes in PHYS200: Relativity and Quanta - introduction to special relativity and quantum mechanics

June 2010 - Changes in ASTR310: Exploring the Universe I: The Solar System

May 2010 - Student impressions of transformed lab course

April 2010 - Upper-level Quantum Mechanics and Optics Course transformations