Efforts in the Dept. of Statistics CWSEI project involve a transformation of seven courses, including STAT 200: Elementary Statistics for Applications (an introductory course presently taken by around one thousand undergraduate students per year), STAT 203: Statistical Methods (an introductory course for non-science students), STAT 241/251: Elementary Statistics (a calculus-based introduction for Applied Science and Computer Science students), STAT 300: Intermediate Statistics for Applications (a second course accessible to any student with a generic first course in Statistics), STAT 302: Introduction to Probability, STAT 305: Introduction to Statistical Inference, and STAT 443: Time Series and Forecasting. In addition, a number of changes have been implemented in STAT 100: Statistical Thinking and STAT 335: Statistics in Quality Assurance read more...

Personal Response Systems, or clickers, with concept-based questions probing understanding have been incorporated into the course lectures for the first time. The PRS has had an immediate impact, particularly in terms of student attendance and engagement. The instructors see the students learning more in lectures due to the benefit of being able to provide instant feedback addressing any confusion that is evident. Instructors are learning how to focus teaching and assessment on the key ideas, and discovering the many ways in which students can misunderstand the concepts in the course. The instructors are very pleased with the changes they have made so far, and think the students are greatly benefiting.

We are developing and implementing online homework problems for the large enrolment courses. The on-line homework application WeBWorK has been enhanced to integrate the statistical software R, and questions are being devised that make use of R’s capacity to generate data, perform analyses, and create graphics. Presently WeBWorK homeworks are being used in STAT 200, 203, 241/251, 300, 302, 305, 404, and 443.

PDF Poster (UBC Science Ed. Open House 2016): Introductory Statistics Flexible Learning Project: Resources and Student Interactions with Web Visualizations

PDF Poster (CWSEI EOY 2013): An Overview of Transformations of Statistics Courses via CWSEI, with highlights on interactive engagement in STAT 300, STAT 302 and STAT 305

PDF Poster (CWSEI EOY 2012): Recent Developments in the Transformation of Statistics Courses with Highlights on Revisions to STAT 241/251 Labs

PDFPoster (April 2009): CWSEI Projects in the Department of Statistics

PDFPaper (2009): Statistics Clicks: Using Clickers in Introductory Statistics Courses, by Bruce Dunham