Contributors and Roles

The success of the SEI hinged on contributions from and collaboration between a number of groups including the central organization, departmental directors, science teaching and learning fellows, faculty, students (graduate, teaching assistants, undergraduates), the Faculty of Science and UBC Provost's Office, Skylight, and visiting faculty.

More information about all of these roles can be found in the SEI Handbook, which has parts devoted to initiative leaders, department leaders, and the department-based Science Teaching and Learning Fellows (referred to as "discipline-based education specialists" in the Handbook; more about the role is available on our STLF page).

SEI Central

Carl Wieman

Associate Director and Acting Director 2011-2014
Sarah Gilbert

Acting Director 2014-2017
Warren Code

Administrative Coordinator
Grace Wood

IT/Materials Archive Development
Massoud Kohan

Research Coordinator
Ashley Welsh


Department Directors and Faculty

You can find more detail on leaders and participants in the various departments on the Departments page.


Science Teaching and Learning Fellows

The majority of the CWSEI funds were used to support Science Teaching & Learning Fellows. A Science Teaching & Learning Fellow (STLF) combined expertise in the specific departmental discipline as well as knowledge of relevant teaching methods and research on learning. STLFs were key players in course transformation and institutional change. They collaborated with individual faculty or small groups to implement course transformation, helping faculty increase their knowledge of teaching and learning research and supporting the introduction of evidence-based educational practices and measurements of learning. A typical STLF was a recent PhD in the relevant science discipline who is keen to improve learning and interested in discipline-based education research. Since most STLFs had limited prior experience with science education research, the SEI Central ran an STLF development series.

Donald Acton

Mandy Banet

Megan Barker

Sophie Burrill

Alice Campbell

Jim Carolan

Joshua Caulkins

Bridgette Clarkston

Warren Code

Jessica Dawson

James Day

Jackie Dee

Louis Deslauriers

Jennifer Duis

Electra Eleftheriadou

Allison Elliot Tew

Alice Gao

Kseniya Garaschuk

Brett Gilley

Elizabeth Gillis

Ryan Golbeck

Malin Hansen

Cynthia Heiner

Tara Holland

Alison Jolley

Francis Jones

Tamara Kelly

Ben Kennedy

Hassan Khosravi

Ed Knorr

Kerry Knox

Erin Lane

Ray Lister

Joseph Lo

Wes Maciejewski

Jane Maxwell

Lisa McDonnell

Sandra (Sandi) Merchant

Martha Mullally

Peter Newbury

Paul Ottaway

Costanza Piccolo

Alain Prat

Tammy Rodela

Ido Roll

Natalie Schimpf

Sarah Bean Sherman

Beth Simon

Jared Stang

Linda Strubbe

Jared Taylor

Laura Weir

Steve Wolfman

Gaitri Yapa

Ben Yu

Katya Yurasovskaya

Harald Yurk


Faculty of Science

With the original leadership team shifting to advisory roles, Skylight became the central administrative unit for the CWSEI in 2014, responsible for advising on hiring and providing training for Science Teaching and Learning Fellows, as well as ongoing support for the fellows and the faculty leadership in departments. Skylight is in the portfolio of the Associate Dean of Science, Academic.



In addition to invited speakers, the CWSEI offered a Visitors Program coordinated with the departments to host a number of visiting faculty from other institutions. Visitors to the CWSEI had the opportunity to exchange ideas and participate in research projects aimed at improving undergraduate science education within departments. Typically, this included faculty on sabbatical leave from another institution. Science education research experience was desirable, but not required. Generally, only office space and basic office support was provided, though participation in local cross-department meetings and events was usually part of the visit.