Talks and articles about the CWSEI

This is an archive of talks and articles by Carl Wieman and other SEI leaders about the UBC And CU Boulder initiatives at various stages

Talks & interviews about the SEI and its progress

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Large-Scale Change across Science Departments: Embedded Expertise in Evidence-Based Teaching - Poster by Sarah Gilbert and Warren Code at the AAC&U 2017 Transforming STEM Higher Education Conference, San Francisco (November 2017).

Transforming STEM Education: A Scientific Approach to Teaching & Learning - Carl Wieman, White House OSTP; Optical Society of America Leadership Conference Address, Feb. 10, 2012, Washington, DC.

Transforming Science Education at a Large Research University: progress report from the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative (CWSEI) at UBC - Plenary talk by Sarah Gilbert at The Western Conference on Science Education, University of Western Ontario (July 2011).

Carl Wieman Science Education talk - 2009
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      Video - April 2009 (Courtesy of Harvard University)

Poster on the UBC Science Education Initiative, 2009 - for the President’s Campus Town Hall, September 2009.

Poster on the UBC and CU Science Education Initiatives - for the Facilitating Change in Undergraduate STEM Symposium, Western Michigan University, June 16-19, 2008.

Poster on Department-based Science Education Specialists (STF/STLFs) as agents of change in university education - for the Facilitating Change in Undergraduate STEM Symposium, Western Michigan University, June 16-19, 2008.

Carl Wieman UBC talk on What All Instructors Should Know About Learning - 2008
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MIT World: Science Education in the 21st Century: Using the Tools of Science to Teach Science with Dr. Carl Wieman - March 2008

Kathy Perkins talk (Associate Director, CU-SEI) - Studying Student Beliefs About Science: their importance and what affects them - July 2007

UBC Podcasts: An Evening With a Nobel Laureate - March 2007

Articles by Carl Wieman related to the SEI

Taking a Scientific Approach to Science Education, Part I - Research, Microbe, Vol. 10(4), pp. 152-156 (2015)
Taking a Scientific Approach to Science Education, Part II - Changing Teaching, Microbe, Vol. 10(5), pp. 203-207 (2015)
Carl Wieman and Sarah Gilbert

A Better Way to Evaluate Undergraduate Teaching, Change, Vol. 47(1), pp. 6-15 (2015), DOI: 10.1080/00091383.2015.996077

A Thoughtful Approach to Instruction: Course transformation for the rest of us, JCST (2011)
Stephanie Chasteen, Katherine Perkins, Paul Beale, Steven Pollock, & Carl Wieman

Transforming Science Education at Large Research Universities: A Case Study in Progress, Change, Vol. 42(2), pp. 6-14 (2010), DOI: 10.1080/00091380903563035
Carl Wieman, Katherine Perkins and Sarah Gilbert

Quality of UBC students relative to other BC and major US Universities

APS News Back Page, November 2007 with references: The "Curse of Knowledge" or Why Intuition About Teaching Often Fails

Change article:Why not try a scientific approach to science education?

Course transformation case study

A new model for post-secondary education, the Optimized University