Physics and Astronomy

Department of Physics & Astronomy


CWSEI Department Director: Joss Ives, Georg Rieger, Doug Bonn, Mona Berciu

STLFs: Electra Eleftheriadou, Linda Strubbe, Jared Stang, James Day, Jim Carolan, Louis Deslauriers, Ido Roll, Peter Newbury, Cynthia Heiner

Faculty: D. Bonn, J. Folk, B. Gladman, J. Iqbal, D. Jones, J. Ives, A. Kotlicki, K. Madison, J. Matthews, M. Pavan, H. Richer, I. Stairs, M. Van Raamsdonk, S. Reinsberg, G. Rieger, L. Van Waerbeke, C. Waltham, C. Wieman, J. Zibin, S. Burke, D. Witt, V. Sossi, J. Roettler, J. Charbonneau, S. Bates, J.Young, D. Bryman, I. Affleck, V. Hinkov

Students: J. Bale, D. Fujimoto, F. Moosvi, E. Altiere, S. Berkman, N. Holmes, S. Martinuk, D. Mazur, B. Ramshaw, E. Schelew, M. Sitwell, J. Stang (later an STLF), S. Vafaei, C. Veenstra, T. Vernstrom, M. Warren, R. Wong


Activity summary report for the Physics & Astronomy CWSEI group (course and curriculum projects, research, development of assessment tools) - PDF download

Course materials for PHYS 408: Optics by David Jones and Kirk Madison, as mentioned in their 2015 article with C. Wieman, Transforming a fourth year modern optics course using a deliberate practice framework

Newsletter 2010-2012 archive - zip file

Course Materials


Physics & Astronomy received seed funding in 2007 and began their SEI efforts in the Fall of that year. The department moved to full funding starting in 2008.

A new phase began in 2014 - the Harris Project - an extension of CWSEI that ran from 2014 to 2019. In addition to continuing course transformations and faculty support, this phase includes deliberate effort toward effective transfer of pedagogies to new instructors using a co-teaching (paired teaching) model. This extension was funded by John and Deb Harris, the UBC Faculty of Science, and the Physics & Astronomy Department.