Keeping Students Engaged

First Day of Class view pdf
Recommendations for Instructors on establishing the course environment early in the Term. (2 pages; updated January 2014)
Basic instructor habits to keep students engaged view pdf
A 2-pager by Carl Wieman with tips on keeping students engaged in the classroom, particularly in large lecture theatres.
What Not To Do; Practices that should be avoided when implementing active learning view pdf
We and others have written about how to implement active learning in the university classroom, but we have noticed some practices by well-meaning instructors that we feel should be avoided. (2 pages)
Helping students engage productively in active learning classrooms view online
A set of research-based recommendations, organized into a collection of web pages, for helping students to engage productively in active learning, along with concrete examples of how to incorporate these ideas in your classroom. This project arose from the Framing the Interactive Engagement Classroom project, led by Stephanie Chasteen (University of Colorado Boulder), with collaboration from Jon Gaffney (Eastern Kentucky University) and Andrew Boudreaux (Western Washington University).
Setting class norms about behavior during group activities view pdf
An activity to establish norms for group discussions in class. This is done on the first day of class and serves two different beneficial purposes. First, it is a good first-group-activity, as the answer is nontrivial, and it is something where everyone feels equally qualified to contribute. Second and most importantly, it has the class establish norms for behavior in group work. (1 page)