Research on Learning

These are short to read summaries of selected results; for many more suggestions visit the Recommended Reading page.

Improving Learning by Reducing Unnecessary Mental Load
Strategies for reducing unnecessary cognitive load to enhance learning during class. This document is the compiled and edited product of the students in Carl Wieman’s 2014 Stanford course in Science Teaching and Learning, with special thanks to Jennifer Crosby. (2 pages)
Motivating Learning
Student motivation is probably the single most important element of learning. Learning is inherently hard work; it is pushing the brain to its limits, and thus can only happen with motivation. Fortunately, research shows that there is a lot an instructor can do to motivate their students to learn. (2 pages)
Assessments That Support Student Learning
2-page summary of key points and factors from the review paper “Conditions Under Which Assessment Supports Student Learning,” including CWSEI suggestions on implementing good assessment and feedback without spending excessive time marking.
Teaching Expert Thinking
A guide for using invention activities to develop expert thinking (prepared by Wendy Adams and Carl Wieman, CU-SEI and UBC-CWSEI, and Dan Schwartz, Stanford School of Education).
What all instructors should know
prepared by UBC CWSEI. (1 page)
URI Teach Sheet
Create an Environment Where You MOTIVATE, ENGAGE, and RESPOND. Former CWSEI STLF Josh Caulkins took page 9 ("What All Instructors Should Know") from the SEI Course Transformation Guide (below), cooked it down and prettied it up to produce this "Teach Sheet" for faculty he works with at the University of Rhode Island. (1 page)