Student Engagement Observation Protocol (BERI)

A classroom observation protocol for quantitatively measuring student engagement in large university classes.

The Behavioral Engagement Related to Instruction (BERI) protocol shows consistent patterns of variation in engagement with instructor actions and classroom activity. It can be used to provide timely feedback to instructors as to how they can improve student engagement in their classrooms.


PhysPort has created a BERI page which includes an implementation guide (under the Resources tab) based on the development paper linked below.

A New Tool for Measuring Student Behavioral Engagement in Large University Classes, Erin Lane and Sara Harris (Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences, UBC), Journal of College Science Teaching, Vol. 44(6), pp. 83-91 (2015).

Poster: Quantifying student behavioral engagement based on teaching practices in a large class, Erin Lane and Sara Harris, presented at the Improving University Teaching (IUT) 34th International Conference, Vancouver, BC (July 2009).