Helping students engage productively in active learning classrooms

A set of research-based recommendations, organized into a collection of web pages, for helping students to engage productively in active learning, along with concrete examples of how to incorporate these ideas in your classroom. This project arose from the Framing the Interactive Engagement Classroom project, led by Stephanie Chasteen (University of Colorado Boulder), with collaboration from Jon Gaffney (Eastern Kentucky University) and Andrew Boudreaux (Western Washington University).

Two-Stage Exams: Videos

In two-stage exams students complete a test as individuals and then immediately complete it, or a similar test collaboratively in groups. Typically the majority of the students' marks (e.g. 85%) come from the individual component. The excitement of the exam seems to create very focused and useful discussions among the groups. It's difficult or impossible to find students who aren't participating (see if you can find any in the video).