Motivating Learning

Student motivation is probably the single most important element of learning. Learning is inherently hard work; it is pushing the brain to its limits, and thus can only happen with motivation. Fortunately, research shows that there is a lot an instructor can do to motivate their students to learn. (2 pages)

STLF development Series

The purpose of this series is to develop knowledge and skills in new STLFs so that they can effectively apply relevant research in cognitive psychology and education to improve teaching and learning in higher education. The series is 12 sessions, ~1 per week, with 1.5 hour meetings. The document gives the preparation required for each session, the tasks at the meetings, and a list of resources with links.

Learning Goals Workshop by Carl Wieman

Research has shown that students don't necessarily learn what professors think they are teaching, producing significant gaps in student understanding. This workshop is designed to help you bridge this gap. In the workshop, you will define conceptual learning goals for your courses, design assessment questions that specifically address core concepts, and learn how to use assessment techniques during class to gauge student learning. You will also learn how to connect your exam questions to the broader goals of the class.