Learning Goals - Upper Division Electricity and Magnetism (CU-Boulder)

This is a complete set of learning goals for Physics 3310, Principles of Electricity and Magnetism 1, a 3rd year course primarily for students majoring in physics at the University of Colorado Boulder. These learning goals were compiled by Steve Pollock and Stephanie Chasteen with intensive input from many faculty in the Physics Department. People from other departments have commented that the course scale learning goals are broadly relevant and could be adapted to many other fields.

Learning Goals - Introductory Physics Lab (Cornell)

A set of learning objectives (goals) developed by Natasha Holmes for the intro Physics lab sequence at Cornell University. Includes detail for 5 course-wide learning objectives: 1. Collect data and revise an experimental procedure iteratively and reflectively, 2. Evaluate the process and outcomes of an experiment quantitatively and qualitatively, 3. Extend the scope of an investigation whether or not results come out as expected, 4. Communicate the process and outcomes of an experiment, and 5. Conduct an experiment collaboratively and ethically.

Preclass-Reading Assignments: Why they may be the most important homework for your students

We usually think of homework as a task, such as a problem set, in which students apply what they have learned in class. But homework can prepare students to learn in future classes. Here we discuss the benefits of pre-reading assignments, report on what students think about pre-reading, and give tips on how best to implement pre-reading assignments to make them effective. (2 pages; updated October 2016)