Annual Science Education Open House 2016

(Starting in 2014, the event's name shifted to Science Education Open House to reflect the partnership with Skylight in putting together the event.)

Monday April 11, 2016

Earth Sciences Building (ESB), 2207 Main Mall, UBC

Morning Session

(9:30-11:30am, ESB 1012)

Three talks highlighting major projects in improving lab courses:

Poster Session

(11:30am–1:30pm, ESB Atrium, 1st floor)

Posters about teaching and learning projects from departments across the Faculty of Science.


Science Learning Tech Rovers (LTRs) on the Rove Tina Deng, Dorothy Mung, & Lisa Liang
Writing Across the Curriculum in UBC Science S. Obradovich, J. Stewart, E. Jandciu, M. Aubé, L.P. Garcia, & T. Deane
Enhancing Campus Wellbeing through Evidence-Based Projects: The Impacts of Increasing Student Empowerment, Engagement, and Social Connectedness Karen Smith, Natasha Moore, & Kelly White
Enhancing Campus Wellbeing through Evidence-Based Projects and a Multi-level Approach: Examples from UBC Vancouver Campus Karen Smith & Patty Hambler
Insights from the inaugural cohort of an innovative first-year undergraduate program for international students A. Welsh, S. Zappa-Hollman, B. Wilson, J. Haggerty, & J. Fox



Pilot implementation of an online homework system for practice and feedback on decision-making skills Molly Chen & Jane Maxwell
Development of collaborative skills during a group project: Teamwork Processes, Strategies, and Barriers to Effective Collaboration Elizabeth Gillis & Kerry Knox
Developing the third-year integrated chemistry laboratory: Putting the pieces together
Guillaume Bussiere, Vishaka Monga, Christine Rogers, Robin Stoodley, & Elizabeth Gillis


Computer Science

Using Learning Analytics for Providing Personalized Content and Feedback in Large Classes
Hassan Khosravi & Kendra Cooper
Retiring the Red Pen: Marking Exams Digitally
Hassan Khosravi & Donald Acton
Computational Thinking
Jessica Wong & Piam Kiarostami
Studying the Effects of Adding 'In-Lab' Programming Tests to a CS Service Course
Edwin Knorr & Christopher Thompson
Understanding the Student Experience in Introductory Computer Science Courses
Jessica Dawson & Meghan Allen


Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences

Author (s)
How to help students get the most out of labs: benefits and challenges of pre-lab assignments
Sarah Bean Sherman, Emily Scribner, Lori Kennedy, & Maya Kopylova
Can Teamwork be Taught? Improving Teamwork Skills in Geological Engineering
Susan Hollingshead & Kristi Carey
Can a Day 1 group worksheet improve student application of math in a climate change course? Sara Harris, Tara Ivanochko, Phil Austin, & Nathan Roberson
A Paired Teaching Model for Instructor Development: Lessons from the EOAS Department
Tara Holland
Students’ Perceptions of Teaching & Learning Experiences after 7 years of CWSEI support Francis Jones
Adapting Evidence-Based Face-to-Face Instructional Practices for Distance Education Francis Jones, Louise Longridge, & David Turner


Life Sciences

Is more activity always better? A department-wide study of relationships between classroom practices and student performance
Megan Barker, Laura Weir, Lisa McDonnell, Natalie Schimpf, Tammy Rodela, & Patricia Schulte
Exploring the Impact of Jargon on Student Learning in Biology: Student Understanding, and Self-Perception of Understanding, of Technical Vocabulary
Jenna Zukswert, Megan Barker, & Lisa McDonnell
Direct Instructions (DI) versus Productive Failure (PF) – Best practices for interactive in-class activities
Sunita Chowrira, Ido Roll, & Karen Smith
Biology 140 (Laboratory Investigations in Life Science) Renewal
Natalie Schimpf , Pamela Kalas, & Kathy Nomme



Feasibility and effectiveness of group exams in mathematics courses Kseniya Garaschuk


Physics and Astronomy

Cueing and Question Reliability Joss Ives
Further investigations into the effectiveness of collaborative group exams Joss Ives
Developing student attitudes in the first-year physics lab at UBC Linda Strubbe, Doug Bonn, & Joss Ives
Paired teaching for faculty professional development Jared Stang & Linda Strubbe
Effective use of interactive physics simulations for pre-class assignments Jared Strang, Megan Barker, Sarah Perez, Joss Ives, & Ido Roll
What goes on in group exams? Video analysis of group exam interactions Nutifafa Sumah & Joss Ives
The effectiveness of two-stage exams in promoting learning in introductory physics courses Simmer Mand & Joss Ives
Digital distraction: Learning Catalytics or Clicker Fatemeh Renani, Georg Rieger, & Joss Ives
Assessing Difficulty Levels of Exam Questions Georg Rieger



Introductory Statistics Flexible Learning Project: Resources and Student Interactions with Web Visualizations Gaitri Yapa, Melissa Lee, Bruce Dunham, Gillian Gerhard, & Nancy Heckman


(1:00-2:30pm) Two parallel sessions:

First-Year Student Experience: Sharing what has been learned about attitudes, skills & wellness for a continuing discussion

Well-prepared students: Motivating Students Before and During Class