End-of-Year Event 2013

Monday, April 8, 2013

Earth Sciences Building (ESB), 2207 Main Mall

Morning session

(9:30am - noon, ESB room 1012) 9:30am Carl Wieman:
    Teaching that takes advantage of your science expertise
    Overview of CWSEI activities

10:35am Jackie Stewart:
    Some Surprising Results from Research on Learning

10:50am Natasha Holmes (Graduate Student - Physics & Astronomy):
    New Roles for Teaching Assistants

11:10am Teaching Assistants Panel Discussion
    Hear what TAs have to say about their work with CWSEI transformed courses

Poster Session

(12:30 - 2:30pm, ESB Atrium) Faculty and Science Teaching & Learning Fellows have put together posters on what’s happening in the Computer Science, Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Physics & Astronomy, and Statistics CWSEI programs.


Study strategy workshops to enhance student Learning
Ashley Welsh, Laura Weir, Costanza Piccolo, Sandi Merchant, Sara Harris, & Jackie Stewart


Computer Science

A Plan for Transforming Systems and Database Courses in Computer Science
Donald Acton & Ed Knorr
Introducing Pair Programming in Intermediate C to Non-Specialists
Chris Thompson & Ed Knorr
"Dictionary Wars": An Inverted, Leaderboard-Driven Project for Learning Dictionary Data Structures
Kuba Karpierz, Joel Kitching, Brendan Shillingford, Elizabeth Patitsas, Steven Wolfman
Developing a Formative Assessment of Instruction for the Foundations of Computing Stream
(PowerPoint file)
Steve Wolfman


Earth and Ocean Sciences

Author (s)
Six Years of SEI in Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
Sara Harris, Francis Jones, & Brett Gilley
Fossils, Facies and Geologic Time; Active Learning Yields More Expert-Like Thinking in a Large Class for Senior Science Students Stuart Sutherland & Francis Jones
Does collaborative testing increase students’ retention of concepts?
Brett Gilley & Bridgette Clarkston


Life Sciences

Longitudinal Study on the Change in Student Attitudes in the Biology Program
Malin Hansen
Preparing Students for Class: How to get 80% of students to read before class

Mandy Banet & Cynthia Heiner

Comparing post-course retention of conceptual and procedural knowledge in genetics Lisa McDonnell & Pam Kalas



WeBWorK: An effective online tool for assessment in Mathematics Joseph Lo, Sandi Merchant, & Costanza Piccolo
MAPS - Mathematics Attitudes and Perceptions Survey Joseph Lo, Sandi Merchant, & Warren Code
Teaching Methods Comparison in a Large Introductory Calculus Class Warren Code & Costanza Piccolo
Development and Analysis of a Basic Proof Skills Test Sandra Merchant & Andrew Rechnitzer


Physics and Astronomy

Productive Engagement with PhET Simulations Ido Roll et al.
Interactions between teaching assistants and students boost engagement in physics labs Jared Stang & Ido Roll
Reflection and evaluation in undergraduate physics labs Natasha Holmes
Physics & Astronomy TA Professional Development Program Jonathan Massey-Allard, Liam Huber, & Sandra Meyers



An Overview of Transformations of Statistics Courses via CWSEI, with highlights on interactive engagement in STAT 300, STAT 302 and STAT 305 Gaitri Yapa & Bruce Dunham