End-of-Year Event and Open House 2014

Friday April 11, 2014

Earth Sciences Building (ESB), 2207 Main Mall

Morning session

(9:30am–noon, ESB Room 1012)

9:30am - Sarah Gilbert
Annual overview of CWSEI activities

9:50am - Simon Peacock, Dean of Science
Teaching & Learning Initiatives in the Faculty of Science: Looking Ahead

10:30am - Carl Wieman
       - Designing homework to build expertise
      - Better ways to review (with Jane Maxwell)

11:15am - Patricia Schulte, Professor (Zoology) and CWSEI Life Sciences Director
Revealing and addressing student misconceptions - reflections from the Biology classroom

Poster Session

(noon–2pm, ESB Atrium, 1st floor)

Faculty and Science Teaching & Learning Fellows have put together posters on what’s happening in the Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Physics & Astronomy, and Statistics CWSEI programs.


A two-stage review activity for the first day of class
Jane Maxwell, Chad Atkins, Dan Bizzotto, & Carl Wieman
Research-based instructional strategies in a course on the role of chemistry in solving global challenges
Kerry Knox & Gregory Dake
Mapping an integrated course in experimental chemistry
Kerry Knox, Joshua Bates, Guillaume Bussiere, Vishakha Monga, Christine Rogers, José Rodríguez Núñez, & Robin Stoodley
Student Perceptions of Teaching and Learning in Intro Organic Chemistry
Ashley Welsh & Jackie Stewart


Computer Science

Using the CWSEI Approach to Updating Computer Science Systems Courses
Donald Acton
Extending and Improving the Role of Deliberate Practice in CPSC 259
Edwin Knorr
Misconceptions and Concept Inventory Questions for Hash Tables and Binary Search Trees
Steve Wolfman & Kuba Karpierz


Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences

Author (s)
Changing the Teaching Culture in a Large Research Oriented Department
Francis Jones, Brett Gilley, & Sara Harris
Student Learning Experiences in EOAS – and other correlated data Francis Jones, Brett Gilley, & Sara Harris
Student Mental Models of the Greenhouse Effect
Sara Harris & Anne Gold
Climate Change Education: Validation of assessment questions and retention of concepts Isabel Shinnick-Gordon


Life Sciences

Content first, jargon second: an assessment of the influence of technical vocabulary on conceptual learning
Megan Barker & Lisa McDonnell
Big classes, big teaching teams, big challenges… some successes! Implementing and evaluating course transformations in first-year biology

Martha Mullally & Megan Barker

Beyond the Content: Improving student problem solving in genetics Lisa McDonnell & Martha Mullally
The influence of peer discussion on the quality of student written explanations

Laura Weir & Mandy Banet



The Math Educational Resources Wiki Carmen Bruni, Christina Koch, Bernhard Konrad, Michael Lindstrom, Iain Moyles, William Thompson, on behalf of the entire MER wiki team
An Online Discussion Forum in Undergraduate Mathematics: One Department’s Experience Wes Maciejewski


Physics and Astronomy

A Flipped Approach To Large-Scale First-Year Physics Labs Georg Rieger, Michael Sitwell, James Carolan, & Ido Roll
Surveying the first year physics labs: Developing a coding scheme for open-response survey questions Sophie Berkman, Joss Ives, Georg Rieger, & Jared Stang
Techniques for teaching critical thinking in a first year physics laboratory Natasha Holmes & Doug Bonn
Physics & Astronomy Teaching Assistant Professional Development Program Sophie Berkman, Liam Huber, Jonathan Massey-Allard, & Natasha Holmes
Using a delayed learning test to measure learning in two-stage collaborative exams Joss Ives
Longitudinal Physics Attitude (CLASS) Data Jim Carolan, Louis Deslauriers, & Alex MacDonald



Recent Developments in the Transformation of Statistics Courses With Highlights on Study Skills Workshops and Lab TA Surveys Gaitri Yapa & Bruce Dunham

Afternoon Workshops

(2–4pm) Track 1 in ESB 1012
2-3pm: Teaching Large Classes - activity design, strategies, tips
3-4pm: Setting expectations with students about teaching and learning
            Framing approaches worksheet for Setting expectations workshop

Track 2 in ESB 5106 (5th floor)
2-3:30pm: A Hands-on Workshop on Evaluating Teaching Enhancement Projects